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    Monday, December 22, 2008

    Happy Christmas...

    Hello Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the build up to Christmas!

    So, Apple finally replaced my iPod Touch. After 4 replacements, i finally have one without dead pixels all over the screen. Also following my letter of complaint, i received a phone call from Apple today, apologizing for the situation, and as a gesture of goodwill offered me a free screen protector and iPod Dock! Just goes to show that sometimes a little complaining works!

    Well i've been home just over a week now, and seen loads of people. I'm really enjoying being at home but still need to catch up on some sleep. Not long till skiing now, the snow's still looking really good. I'm just hoping for some nice sunny weather the week we're out there.

    I really need to get on with some university work, but i fear that it's all going to happen in the last week as usual! I will take some revision on holiday with me though! But now, it's time for christmas, family and friends, and rubbish movies on the TV. My next post probably won't be until after skiing, so i'll be sure to take some good shots of Emma and I skiing!

    But for now, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!