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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Apples latest creation...

    Well it's official! Apple have a press event on the 27th of January where they are rumoured to be introducing a tablet computer, a new version of iLife and a new iPhone OS. Which is all nice and all... but I can't help thinking that Apple has been playing it safe recently.

    A tablet PC is boring. I used to like Apple for their 'Think Different' slogan, and they actually used to apply it to products. The apple tablet could be so great, but i'm betting it wont be! I bet it will be an average specification for a huge price and that it will do everything it's been rumoured to do; eBook reader, web, video chat, etc. This stuff is all fine, but its also stuff I can do on my £200 netbook!

    Why not do something exciting with it Apple, Why not have a space on the tablet to dock your iPhone, or allow bluetooth tethering for 3G wireless. Why not make the tablet, the new 10" netbook or even a small iMac? It would be simple, Add a stand and devise some form of docking the tablet. Allow us to use it as a small secondary screen for our Macs perhaps. Let it run the full OS X operating system and incorporate multitouch to the entire OS. Build a DVD drive into it, show netbook makers that it can be done! Build in a TV receiver, let us record and watch back live TV. Put wireless 'N' inside it, let us use it for online gaming.

    Now i don't doubt that the tablet will be capable of doing some of these functions. But i bet they will be locked into iTunes and iLife, and the App store, and be boring! Come on Apple, you make some great products! Please let the tablet be exciting!