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    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    A few months later...

    Well I suppose i should start by saying that I'm at home, and everything is great here! 

    Now... I have had the Macbook Pro for a few months now and there are a couple of things I feel that I should say. Firstly, this is the single best computer i have ever owned. The hardware is fantastic, the software seamlessly communicates with the hardware and just works! All of this in a beautiful case, with a beautiful screen! 

    I know, "you sound like an apple fanboy" at least one of my readers is shouting. And yes, I admit that I have made some claims in the past about Apple that I now officially take back. However, it has not always been plain sailing...

    Firstly, there are still significant problems with Digidesign sound cards. These are needed to run Pro Tools (A program which my uni course requires), the problem is that they do not interface with Leopards core audio drivers at-all well, leading to kernel panics (BSOD Equivalent).

    Secondly, I always have this strange feeling in the back of my mind, that i have joined the mind numbingly irritating group of mac users that, when confronted with a group of PC users having troubles with windows, finds it necessary to say "ahhhhh, now if you had a mac..." This is not something I wish to be a part of, so if any of you hear me say it, let me know!

    Anyway, I'm going to end this post before i start babbling on about anything and everything.