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    Thursday, December 04, 2008

    Update on Uni Life...

    I love this photo, it was taken when Emma came down to Bournemouth for a weekend two weeks ago. We really had a fantastic time, walking around the park and having fish and chips down on the beach! (Yes, it really was quite cold). I'm going up to Winchester this weekend for the Christmas Ball with Emma, and i'm really looking forward to it!

    University in general has been great this term. I have made loads of friends, both on my course and through my halls of residence. The work started off pretty easy, but has gotten quite serious in the last few weeks. I've just about finished off my Business assignment, in which we have to create a business concept and present the idea, both in writing and via a presentation (I'm doing mine next wednesday).

    I have also got a part time job, working in the student call center for the Annual Fund. It's not the most exciting job in the world, but it's only until christmas, and it's provided an enjoyable stream of income this term! (Although I'm still due my tax rebate!)

    So, how would i say i am coping with living... Well, I'm evidently still here so i must be doing something right! My cooking skills have improved vastly since coming to Uni, i have progressed from frozen pizzas to lasagna and have learned the ways of pasta! (A students best friend). Washing... Well my clothes have certainly been abused since i got here. Numerous food stains have occurred, and to be honest, the washing machines here are useless! Clothes are all looking forward to a proper 'Mum' wash when i get home.

    Home, only a week and a bit away now! I'm looking forward to getting home, seeing everyone again. The traditional trip to the bells after school concerts has been missed! I also have my A-level certificate presentation on the 17th, so much pubbage will be had after that! Of course, then christmas is almost upon us, and that means only one thing... Skiing! I'm really excited this year about taking Emma and introducing her the wonders of the slopes!

    But for now, i am going to raid the cupboards for some sort of food before getting on with some more work!