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    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Having heard Steve Jobs ranting and raving about how easy Mac's are to use, and watching the obnoxious Mac guy on the apple adverts going on about how easy it was to make a home movie, or play with music and photos, i initially thought well i'd get a mac but only for serious work. 

    I've had the mac a day, and have already made a home movie, with a soundtrack made in garage band. This from someone who has no interest in making home videos.

    The Mac is stunning, the user interface is so natural. I kid you not, after a day of using this, going back to my windows PC feels wrong, the start menu feels bulky and unneccecary.

    As for Multitouch gestures, why has it taken this long to implement this kind of stuff. Scrolling with two fingers is so easy, when confronted with my mums old windows laptop, i immediatly tried to scroll with two fingers. It's unbelievable.

    More on the mac later, once i have finished discovering new and exciting things!