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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    A New Camera

    Something interesting to blog about...

    Today, i brought a camera. No, i did not buy the latest Digital SLR for multiple thousands of pounds (mainly because i don't have that amount of money). What i did buy is a little Samsung S1065 point and shoot camera. 10 Megapixels and 5x Optical zoom. The reason for this is because i wanted a small camera to take to uni with me, and out on trips, so i can take photos without all the faffing about of setting correct F-stop and Iso levels (all very fun, i know, when you've got the time). Right now i'm more concerned about taking the pictures, and putting them online for everyone to see. I will do a review of the camera in a few weeks when i've had time to explore more of its features.

    Oh and Laptop still hasn't come!!!!!