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    Monday, August 25, 2008

    New Camera Returned, Replaced

    I took the new camera back, Never buy a samsung camera. My experiences were not good...

    So, i put the batteries (provided) in the camera, put my modest 512MB SD card in the camera, turned it on, and all was fine. Took a few photos, the camera froze, stuck on the preview of the image i had just taken. It would not turn off, or retract the lense, i had to take the batteries out and re-insert them, then the camera would reset. This happened 3 times in 1/2 an hour, by which time the batteries were showing that they had run out! I had enough, today i took it back to argos and replaced it with the slightly more expensive Fujifilm Finepix J10.

    Initial impressions are good, with a very nice case design, black brushed aluminium. It feels very solid to hold, and the buttons feel very nice (unlike the rather cheap buttons of the samsung). I am just charging the Li-Ion battery (Much better than the AA Alkaline batteries the samsung used), and will give a more in depth review after a few weeks usage. See below for a picture of the new camera.

    Oh, and the laptop should be here this week!