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    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Fujifilm Finepix J10 Review

    I brought this camera as a replacement for a Samsung S1065, which immediately froze multiple times whenever i tried to use it, plus the batteries ran out in 1/2 hour usage.

    Anyway, The Fujifilm Finepix J10 is a very aesthetically pleasing camera with a brushed aluminium front (black or silver) and aluminium back. This camera certainly feels as if it can withstand some serious knocks. The form factor for this camera is certainly compact; this is enabled by the use of a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, rather than your standard AA Alkaline batteries. This charges fully in just over 1.4 hours and provides very reasonable battery life.

    The features on this camera are simple and necessary; there is no facial recognition or 9 point automatic focus. But what it does do, it does fantastically well. I have a Canon EOS10D Digital SLR camera for professional work, brought this fuji for the odd point and shoot session. The built in scenes work incredibly well, and do exactly what they are supposed to. The 8 MegaPixel Sensor inside this camera produces large photos that will easily print out up to A4 photographs and the single point Auto focus is very good at making your subject nice and sharp.

    Fujifilm are renowned for producing cameras that capture vivid colours and the J10 is no exception, the colours are vivid and stand out (whilst not being overpowering). The flash copes well in both day and night situations.

    The menu system for this camera, some say, is too simple and not intuitive. I disagree with this view; I find the minimalistic menu and navigation buttons easy to use, and a refreshing change from a complex DSLR camera. The J10 is an awesome camera for any beginner, or (like me) someone who wants a good quality point and shoot camera for the odd days out.

    Connectivity to XP and Vista was simple, no drivers, no software, just plug in the provided USB cable and access the camera as an external disk.

    The only negative point about this camera is the animation it shows when deleting images; it deletes the image in blocks, each block revealing a blue background. So the deleted image seems to break up and fade away. There is no option to stop this animation, possibly room for improvement in a future firmware upgrade. However this single negative point can easily be overcome, by purchasing a larger memory card and not deleting photos until you get home and load them onto your computer.

    All in all, the Finepix J10 by Fujifilm is a highly recommended camera with no unnecessary bells and whistles but the ability to produce a fantastically sharp, and vivid photo with ease, in a true point and shoot style.