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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Assignments and home time...

    Well, I got my marks back for my software programming assignment. I got 76% which is a first, so far my uni work is looking good. Only trouble is, our lectures are all rounding up in the next few weeks for the year! As in, when we come back next term, all I will have to do is revision for two exams. I've defiantly learnt a lot of stuff this year and i look forward to having the time to use some of it, and read up further on certain points.

    We have a fair amount of assignments on the go at the moment. Another software programming, a 2 minute promotional video, and 2 more which we are yet to receive! I am keeping on top of things though, which is one of the reasons I'm sitting here writing this blog whilst everyone else rushes to finish the software programming assignment.

    Moving away from uni, its been quite a stressful time recently with lots of other things on my mind. Still, I have now got my house for next year sorted, contract signed and deposit paid. We are living in a 3 bedroom flat in a large house that's been split into several flats. If you are interested in where it is, then just click the link below...

    I'm off home soon for a weekend which should be nice. I'm looking forward to some proper home cooked food again, and of course mums pancakes (even if they are a few days late!). A long train journey on the way back though. National Rail tells me it will be about 3 hours! Still I have my iPod so I'll be fine!

    Anyway, its almost 2pm now and I haven't eaten any lunch so I'm going to go grab something to eat, then head over to my lecture at 4!