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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Can't think of a title...

    Well I got my studio techniques assignment back yesterday. Our brief was to create two minutes of entertaining content for radio. We were not allowed to use the spoken word and had to use foley effects as well as pre recorded sound effects. This was accompanied with a 1500 word report. I got 87% for my work, which is a first so I'm very pleased with this. I'll upload my work to my music blog in a few days so you can judge for yourself!

    Things have been busy enough down here in Bournemouth, I'm working on a few assignments at the moment. I have to create an audio video sequencer in C++, as well as a 2 minute promotional video, and we have a large business assignment to do in a group! Lectures are winding up though, unbelievably we have ben allocated the time to do our assignments. Next term is a bit confusing, all we have is revision sessions timetabled! We only have 2 exams and my last is on the 28th May! So I'm pretty much finished after that, summer job here I come!

    Anyway, thats all for now.