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    Saturday, April 25, 2009


    Hey Everyone,

    Just a short post from me tonight, I want to tell you all about this new service called Dropbox. There are only a million or so users, so it's pretty new. I've just discovered it and it seems very nice indeed. It is essentially a free online file syncing application which integrates into your Mac, PC, or Linux operating system very nicely (see screenshot below).

    To start with you get 2GB free file storage, more if you invite more people! But the thing that has amazed me about this so far is the speed with which it syncs. Say you're in uni or at work and make a few changes to a work document, it will instantly be backed up online, and as soon as you turn on your home PC, providing you have the client installed it will instantly download the file to your PC.

    What's more, it has an iPhone web interface. Which is great, you can check your files on the move, and even re-arrange and re-organise files. This service is just perfect, say if you had a netbook for taking notes in lectures, you could save them to your Dropbox file, and instantly have them on your home PC. No need to worry about external drives or USB pens, or file syncing programs.

    I highly recommend you download this, there is no reason not to, even if you just end up using it for a simple online backup service.

    - Download Dropbox Now