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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Amazing what one post can do…

    Well isn’t it just! A few weeks ago, this place was bumbling along, a nice happy blog with a nice number of regular readers. I write a review of the Samsung N310, and the hits go through the roof (well for me anyway). We now stand at 3,005 hits, up from around 2000 a month ago, and are now getting 40+ hits a day! I am just glad that people are reading my review, and hope that everyone finds it useful!

    So, what’s planned for the blog over the next month. Well I'd like to do several things; more product reviews, unfortunately this means getting hold of these tech products! And that’s a pricey job! Those of you who know me will know that I have got a slot on a local radio station over the summer, presenting an evening music/chat show! I’m hoping to link that to the blog somehow, maybe competitions, etc. And of course, anything i find lurking on the internet that may be of use of interest to you, I’ll probably blog about that too!

    Anyway, for those of you who read this blog to find out what I’m up too… Quite a lot, Like I said before, I’ve got this slot on local radio, which believe it or not involves a fair bit of prep work before going live. If you want to listen in to trashcan radio, just click on the blue writing! We are live every Thursday from 8PM – 11PM. I also start my holiday / summer job this Thursday, supervising and running local play schemes for kids during the summer holiday!

    And finally for those who want to know how my first year at Uni went, I got a first, along with a letter of commendation from the Dean of the University congratulating me for finishing in the top 89%, so I was very pleased with that!

    Just to finish off, I’d like to let you all know about a project my old school / college is running. Its called Classrooms for Kenya, hit the link for more info. Basically students have spent 3 or 4 years fund raising, and are now visiting Kenya for the 3rd time to build new schools, classrooms, teach and learn from Kenyan children. This is a great project and a few of my close friends, along with 57 other pupils of the Weald School, flew off to Kenya yesterday for 3 weeks to build new classrooms and help teach the children. If you could spare even a few pounds for this cause it would be very much appreciated. The scheme is a registered charity (No. 1122559) and you can donate online here!